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Melbourne The Street Art City

Melbourne The Street Art City
The street art scene in Melbourne is deeply rooted into the cities hertage and even Australias. The city has become world famous for it's ever expainding painted walls. Every street tells a story, weither it's military influenced, ecological, historical or something from the artist's personal life. There is always something to learn, discover, and interpret. 

In Melbourne's business districts, Fitzroy, Collingwood, Richmond, and Cremorne you can find the best artwork. Each has its own feel, with ceramic installations in one area contrasting with the portraits of another. One of the most famous locations has to be Hoiser Lane found on the south side of the CBD, a lovely cobblestone lane covered top to bottom is art work. The location has became world famous through socal media and street art culture. 

Known Artists:

  • Adnate – An artist known for his detailed portraits depicting aboriginal figures.
  • Mike Makatron – A muralist whose work features natural elements, aboriginal figures, and animals.
  • Dvate – Now world-renowned, Dvate’s large-scale murals combine abstract design with photo-realism.
  • Lushsux – Remaining anonymous, this Melbourne-based artist takes his/her influence from pop culture and celebrity.

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