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Inception | Official Video Release From Koko The Kid

Koko the kid in blog from Phulays Streetwear

With his fast flows, razor-sharp punchlines, and boundless energy, Gold Coast rapper Koko The Kid makes hard-hitting and quick-witted hip-hop and we are excited to announce that he has released a brand new Music Video for his slower offbeat hit 'Inception.' The Official video features some fantastic cinematography of KoKo lost and confused on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan, Thailand. The clip offers an aray of fantasy like visiuals and crazy effects to go along with KoKo's brilliant lyrical word play and dizzying speed in the second verse. We were very impressed to find out it was all filmed with only a GoPro Hero 8. We partnered with KoKo Earlier this year to suppliy the world with his own personalised line of merch 'KoKo Season 1' which you can find in store. 

Some words from KoKo The Kid:

Finally it’s here my latest video for Inception. I’m so excited to share this one, I’ve been holding onto it for a while. I decided to shoot this while stuck in Thailand, trying to make the best of the situation, you know. I hope you all enjoy it, this ones a banger of a video. Thanks to the team that helped Lydie Bn for shooting it all and Joe MacPhail for the amazing edit. ENJOY!

Go to Inception video release and let me know in the comments if you like it.

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